[No Cut] Iron - Look out for detox Eng subs

As requested, I have uploaded the eng subs to Iron’s full performance from SMTM S3 E5. I will get to Bobby, Olltii, and B.I’s full performances sometime later this week. Episode 5 subs will be available hopefully within the next 24 hours. Please be patient with us. I for one just downloaded aegisubs today to sub this clip. It took a bit to get used to, and I’m sure these subs aren’t perfect. But it’s better than nothing isn’t it? I’m still getting used to this, and although Lena may be more experienced, we still have our own lives to go about. 

it makes me laugh

it makes me laugh


@mightyirony you still look hot even when you cry, are you even real?

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same question…

[VIDEO] 2014.05.12 || ‘4 Things Show’ Episode 2 (FULL - ENG SUB).



Simon D, Jay Park, GRAY and more on Mnet ‘4 Things Show’ Episode 2 (ENG SUB). 

You can watch the complete video here

Source : Jay Park Network

so sexy and… Porn-Jin~~

so sexy and… Porn-Jin~~

130711 D.O. Sexy Beatbox at Cultwo show
Artist: Do Kyungsoo
Album: Exo
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